SYMPOSIUM 2017 | Introduction

On the 19 th of May, Co.As.It. in collaboration with Professionisti Italiani a Sydney (Italian Professionals in Sydney) hosted the third Symposium on young Italians migrating to Australia. The 2017 session focused on the recognition of prior learning, skill assessment and the professional profiles requested within the Australian job market.

A representative of the Training Services NSW gave an insight on the procedures for the recognition of work experience and qualifications, followed by some examples on specific qualifications. Useful tips for succeeding in job seeking and a deeper understanding on the migration law on the skills assessment have been of great interest among the audience.

Finally, a presentation on services for business development has concluded the session for the 2017 symposium.


Co.As.It. – Marco Zangari’s Presentation


Professionisti Italiani a Sydney – Ingrid Culos’ Presentation


Introducing Professionisti Italiani a Sydney